Getting a Kenyan Passport has become quite easy these days. Especially with the opening up of business and job opportunities abroad.

Kenyan Passport applications can now be done online through the government portal, However, the process sometimes requires some skill to do it right.

To be safe and to ensure your information is filled in correctly it is important to have the application done by a professional. That is where we come in, We can assist you with the passport application.

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Biometrics appointment Booking.

It is crucial that you ensure you have booked your biometrics appointment before you download the application documents. This will ensure that your documents have on the date and place of your appointment.

It is also advisable that you put together all the documents required on the appointment day, here are some of them.

Documents to carry on the biometric appointment day.

  • Duly filled application form.
  • Original Kenyan Birth certificate and a copy. (IF born abroad please see -Birth Certificate for Kenyan children born.a.broad)
  • Certificate of Registration if Kenyan by Registration.
  • Adults 18 years and above – Original Kenyan ID and a copy.
  • (Three) passport size photos
  • Copy of the recommender’s Kenyan ID.
  • Duly filled Consent form for Minors.
  • Copies of Parent’s Kenyan IDs.
  • 9.2(two) payment invoices for the prescribed fee.

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