Being daddy’s girl made my father love me so much that whenever he came home he always brought some sweet goodies for me. He would come home and call me out, “Sweetie, Honey, babie, “ or my name, “Sabina…” I would go running to him, hug him, kiss him and he would lift me up.
But I grew larger and he would not lift me up anymore so he would just sit on the couch and let me sit on his lap as he gave me some nice stories about his day. He would even let me lie on his chest, the small baby that I was. Mum never had an issue with it since after all, I was daddy’s girl.
But when I became a teenager, things began to change. Whenever I would sit on my father’s lap, I would feel some warmth all over my body. The feeling always left me confused but I thought it was nothing unusual, perhaps it was just, that I did not know how to express it.

My father, who used to be a bodybuilder in his youth had a big chest and bulging biceps that I would enjoy caressing always whenever I sat on his lap and he never restricted me.
My daddy would also take me for outings, even on holidays we would go swimming together. I was so close to my father that we were perfect friends.
All this was to change one day when I had just completed high school. As a token of my hard work and patience, my father decided to take me for a holiday together with my mum down the coast. But mum being very busy told my dad it was ok, he would go with me for a week and come back since after all we shall be staying in a hotel.

We left on a Sunday evening and arrived in Mombasa on Monday morning, booked into a hotel and each one of us had a room.
“Honey, let me rest a little, we shall go swimming later.” My daddy told me.
Since I had nothing to do, I went by the pool to just play with the water since I was not good at swimming. Some boys there tried to hit on me but I just played it cool and ignored them.
In the late afternoon, my dad joined me by the pool.
“Dad, how do you do some back-stroke movements?” I asked him.
“Come I will show you, honey.” My father told me without much thought.
Daddy, who was a good swimmer used to do marvelous things by the pool and I used to admire how he did it and he would teach me to swim but that particular day I was so determined to know and to learn.
My daddy held me by my back as I stretched on the pool. I lost my balance and began to sink.
“Oh!” I exclaimed thinking that I was about to sink. My daddy however held me tightly and firmly.
“You cannot sink, just let yourself be free and I will give you little support, push your hips higher in the water, and your chest, relax…” My father gave me instructions. I had the best daddy in the world.
I floated in the water but no matter what I did, I would never be able to backstroke.
As I was floating, I noticed my daddy was keenly looking at my breasts but that did not alarm me since after all, he was my father. I ignored how he was looking at me and just concentrated on the skills he was imparting to me.

“Ok, slowly, slowly….relax…relax more….”Daddy was telling me as I was trying so hard to maintain some balance. But no matter how much I tried, I would never really get to relax.
“Watch me do it.” Daddy told me. He propelled himself to float on the water, turned and his abdomen faced upwards. For some strange reason, I found myself looking at the bulge on his tight shorts that he was wearing as swimming costumes.
“When you relax, push your hands like this…” Daddy showed me and he did a few backstrokes.
“Wow! Daddy….” I marveled at how easily he did it.
“Now, can you try?” Daddy asked me.
I tried but immediately began to sink. I called out to my daddy who instantly held me. He missed holding me by my back and grabbed my buttocks, propelling me upwards via my buttocks. The instant his hands touched my buttocks, my whole body reacted. A strange feeling that I have never felt overwhelmed me all over my body. The feeling made me suddenly weak and I instantly began to drown.

I tried to scream but some water got into my mouth all the way to my windpipe and I choked.
I began to cough.
“Hey, are you ok?” My father asked me.
I could not talk as I was coughing.
I was weak from coughing.

My daddy held me by my waist and led me outside the pool where he took me to lie on a small poolside bed.
“Relax over there, you will be ok.” Daddy told me. He however left and went to the pool and continued swimming.
“She shall get used to, don’t worry.” I heard someone say.
I was jealous of my father’s skills in swimming and wondered if that translated into every other thing about him. I sat by the poolside and just watched him swimming as I splashed my legs by the pool, marveling at how nice he was.
I found myself admiring his chiseled physique and wondered why other men in the pool had ugly pot bellies while my father, who was 45 years old, still had a physique like that of a young man of 30. Suddenly, my daddy turned to me and said, “Jump right in, come swim with me if you have relaxed enough

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