“Daddy I will drown.” I tried to protest but he insisted. I dived into the water and since it was the shallow end, I walked to where my daddy was.
With much care and tenderness, my dad continued to teach me how to swim until it was 6 pm and the swimming pool had to be closed.
“Go and shower, then come and join me for dinner at the restaurant,” Dad told me.
I went and opened the cold shower. Mombasa was really hot and humid since it was in December and being under the cool water flowing freely on my hair all the way to my toes felt really nice and sweet. I don’t know how long I stayed under that water just to feel refreshed by its coolness.
After I was done showering, I went and applied my lotion. I always loved to imagine someone caressing me all over my body when I was applying my lotion. I went slowly from my face, my neck my back, when I came to my breasts I began to make circular movements on them until I felt them begin to get tender and firmer. I could feel my body changing that instant and I resisted the urge to continue. I walked naked and stood in front of the full mirror that was in the hotel room and looked at myself.
“Wow! I am now a big girl!” I told myself as I admired my naked body. My nipples were pointing straight ahead and since I had small boobs, they stood firmly at an angle of 90 degrees. I smiled at myself as I licked my lips. I continued to apply my lotion while standing in the mirror. Standing in front of a mirror had always enhanced my confidence. I slowly went all the way to my thighs and for obvious reasons, I skipped my private parts. I applied all the way to my toes slowly and smoothly as if massaging myself.
My brown skin glowed after I finished applying lotion to myself. I stood in front of the mirror once more and admired myself, with my legs a little apart. I could see my hips had gotten bigger and more rounded with time.

“Be crazy, little girl.” I told myself.
I did a little jig dance while naked in front of the mirror and my breasts bounced up and down. I turned to see my back in the mirror as I imitated some dance movements and I could see my buttocks moving so nicely. I had bigger buttocks compared to most of my age mates, to the envy of most girls who grooved with me.
Being crazy was part of me. I turned and admired my mount, with some hair outline on it and wondered what it would feel like to have a man inside me as I was still a virgin at 18.
“Riiiiiiiing!” My phone suddenly rang startling me.
“Dammit! I don’t remember removing Rihana’s ringtone!” I said to myself loudly. That meant my phone was older and I needed a new one.
I picked it up while still naked, it was daddy calling.
“Hey, Sabina, you will be late, come right away.” MY daddy said.
“All right, am coming in 5 minutes,” I said back. Dad hung up.
I knew I had to dress up fast since I never wanted to annoy daddy at any time.
I wore fast but did not wear anything underneath as I was feeling so hot and wanted some fresh air. It felt nice always walking around without anything underneath and someone had once told me it is healthy for a lady to do so. However, I could feel my buttocks moving so much whenever I walked around with nothing underneath.
As I passed some men who were seated close to the restaurant entrance whistled at me but I ignored them.
“Sister, can I give you my number?” One of them boldly asked but I gave him a stern look, making him say suddenly, “Sorry.”
“Welcome, my little girl, have a seat.” My daddy was seated alone. There was food at the front and I could see it was a self-service dinner.
“My girl, would you wish I serve you or you wish to serve yourself? By the way, your mum will be joining us I think tomorrow.” Daddy told me.
“Let me serve myself today, I might see some interesting nice foods there,” I told dad.
“By the way, why was your phone off? I called you 3 times without an answer.” Daddy asked.
“No, it was not off, this phone is old and….” My dad cut me short.
“Why haven’t you told me you need a new phone? Tomorrow I will get you a new phone.” Daddy told me.
“Oh! Thank you!” I told him.
I went for food first and as soon as I returned to the table, my dad too went for his food; he took a lot of fruits.
“I love watermelons.” Daddy said as he began to munch some very juicy-looking water melon.
I smiled looking at him. He was wearing a tight T-shirt and his biceps were bulging in a very admirable way.
“I love passion fruits the most,” I told him.
“Watermelons are good, they improve your blood circulation, eat them more,” Dad told me.

I scanned around and it seemed most people who had booked into the hotel were families. I ate silently. My dad always emphasized eating silently as it was bad table manners to talk with food in your mouth.
As soon as we finished eating, daddy went for some drinks. He brought me some passion juice as he took some watermelon juice. My dad was such a gentleman and I still wondered how mum met him. She was such a lucky woman that I envied her. I always loved watching them dancing and I was looking forward to mum coming to join us at Mombasa, at the beach hotel.
“Hey, honey, finish up, please, we can go by the sea shore to watch some stars as we wait for the night to grow so that we can sleep.” My dad told me after realizing I was sipping my juice so slowly. I loved to imagine myself as a socialite and I knew they always behaved like they are never in a hurry with whatever they were doing.

Watch out for chapter 3

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