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The Epson L382 is an incredible all-in-one inkjet ideal printer for all types of colour printing. This printer has Waste Ink Pads which are used for gathering and engrossing waste ink during the printing process and also for the cleaning of print heads. Epson L382 will stop working properly if its Waste Ink Pads are ëooded with ink. To resolve this issue, Epson has released an ink resetter software called the Epson L382 Resetter Tool. Epson provides this Adjustment Program completely free of cost. All you need to know is the proper method of using this Epson reset tool for Epson L382. On this page, you will get the Epson L382 resetter download link, along with the description of how to use this adjustment tool in the right way so that you can restore the original workings of your Epson L382.

Epson L382 Resetter Tool Download Link

Use the Epson L382 Resetter Tool download link given below to download your Epson adjustment software. We are here to provide a genuine Epson adjustment program from our download link.
Click on the Download Link button

Password : fpdd

File: Epson-L382-L386-L486-adjustment-program.zip
If you face any complications while using the tool, then read its FAQs carefully.
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How to use Epson L382 Resetter Program.

How to use Epson L382 Resetter Program.



  1. Download the above Epson L382 resetter program rst.
  2. Turn o your antivirus protection for a while. You may turn it on after you have done the following steps.
  3. Unzip the Epson L382 Resetter Tool le into a folder.
  • In that folder double-click on ‘Adjprog-esk.exe’ le to run this software.

Note: Don’t run Adjprog.exe le

5 Now click on ‘Select’ to choose your printer model number that you have.

  • In this window, in the Model Name, select ‘Epson L382’ from the drop-down list.
  • In the Destination drop-down list select ‘EURO’ and click ‘OK’.

8 Now click ‘Particular adjustment mode’.

9. In this window select ‘Waste ink pad counter’ and click ‘OK’.

10 Now select ‘Main pad counter’ and then, click on ‘Check’.

  1. Now select ‘Main pad counter and then, click on ‘Initialize.
  1. Now click ‘OK’.

13 Finally, click on ‘Finish’.

The Epson L382 adjustment tool can be used for multiple things, like Adjusting EEPROM Data Copy, PF/EJ adjustment, Bi-D adjustment, Head angular adjustment, Head cleaning, Ink charge, Top margin adjustment, Head ID Input, Initialize PF deterioration o set, etc.

For all the users of Epson L382 printer it’s highly recommended to keep Epson L382 resetter tool installed on their computer. This adjustment program can have multiple uses.

Questions & Answers

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Question: It’s ending its service.

Answer: Yes, this resetter tool can x this ‘end of service’ issue. Go to the download section and download the Epson L382 resetter utility.

Question: My printer l382 has problems of the inkpad.

Answer: Yes, it will x ‘Inkpad counter’ or ‘end of its service’ issue. Please try it once. Download it from the above link.

Question: Printer light blinking.

Answer: You are on the right page to download Epson L382 reset utility. So go to the download section above and download the resetter. Reply again if you face any problem in downloading it.

Question: L 386 Printer light blinking, please send resetter.

Answer: I have sent you the L386 resetter to your email. However, the resetter download link is given above so you can download it from there as well.

Question: Well I have completed all and after clicking finish the software goes in “Not Responding” status… is this Normal??

Answer: No, it is not normal.

1 Make sure you have selected the right port.

2. Don’t select ‘platen pad counter’.

Question: i have tried to extract my le but it complaining about virus, what should i do

Answer: Sometimes it catches as a virus, but it is not. This issue can be fixed by disabling your antivirus for even 15 minutes.

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