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A Kenyan NTSA smart card driving license is the new NTSA driving license. I have come to replace the Previous “Red Booklet” driving license. However, the process of getting a driving license is actually almost the same except that this time the process is a little bit stricter than before for reasons we’ll discuss in our next blog.

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The “RIGHT” process of getting a smart card driving license

If you are looking to get yourself a driving license today, Either through a driving school or “Mlango wa nyuma” which i seriously discourage (the mlango wa nyuma). Here are the steps you are required to follow;

Provisional Driving license.

A provisional Driving license/ PDL is simply a driving license for a person who is learning to drive or under the instruction of the same. You have to have the PDL before starting your practical driving lessons. The PDL matures 30 days before it allows you to move on to the TDB

NOTE: You pay Kes 650 for the PDL

Driving Test Booking (TDB)

This is simply the document that is required or rather produced so that you can be allowed to take your Driving examination. It’s again a compulsory requirement to be allowed to apply the next step of the application for the smart driving license.

You pay only KES 1,050 to apply for the TDB/Test booking

Interim driving License (Pay for New Driving License)

For this one, you pay only 750 Kenya shillings. It is the final document and payment you are supposed tp pay before you proceed to pay for the NTSA smart driving license.

NTSA smart Driving License Application

This is the final application that you need to make to get your NTSA smart card driving license. You pay only Kes. 3,050 for the application.

You can make all these applications on NTSA Portal. We also assist with the applications through our website

Collection: 14 to 21 days after the biometrics appointment you can collect your Driving license at your DTU center.

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