Renewing a Kenyan Passport when you are inside the country is difficult enough. When it comes to renewing your passport from outside Kenya, one would assume it would be twice as hard.

However, Kenyan Passport renewal from outside the country is even easier. The Immigration Department has dedicated 2 days a week just to print the Kenyan passports applied from overseas.

How do you apply for the Kenyan Passport Renewal From Overseas?

The application just like all others is done online through the e-citizen platform. However, if you need assistance in making the application you can get help from our website you call also Whatsapp +254708 06 127.

Where do you go for the Kenyan Passport biometrics appointment if you are outside Kenya?

This very question has been a challenge to many but the solution is quite simple.

The department of immigration has designated all the Kenyan embassies/consulates to act as biometric and collection centers for Kenyan passports applied overseas.

That means you will go to the Kenyan embassy in your Resident country for a biometrics appointment and passport collection.

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