Popular YouTuber Milly WaJesus of the famous WaJesus Family has
revealed that she broke her virginity before she met her husband Kabi

Participating in the popular online True/False trend on IG Stories, a fan asked her if she broke her virginity meeting her hubby

“You broke your virginity before meeting Kabi?” the fan asked.

In answering the fan, Milly admitted that she was not a virgin when
she met Kabi wa Jesus but went on to reveal that it happened in the most
embarrassing way.

Milly said she might one day share with the world how her first
“embarrassing” sexual experience was but only if she ever gets the
confidence to talk about it.

“Got so many of this. Unfortunately, it’s true, and it happened in
the most embarrassing way ever. Maybe one day I will gather confidence
to talk about it,” she said.

Another fan asked if she waited until marriage to get intimate and
Milly responded confidently, “With my husband Kabi wa Jesus, yes.”

In a previous interview with True Love Magazine, Milly said she first met Kabi through a mutual close friend.

“I met Kabi when I was in form two in high school. My then-boyfriend
introduced us, and we ended up going for two double dates with him and
his then-girlfriend.

The two went their separate ways but later reunited online while in
university and got closer despite Kabi fearing what Milly’s ex and their
mutual friend would think of their relationship.

The couple got married in December 2017 and are blessed with a one-year-old son, Taji


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