The government have created a new smart driving license. A classic smart card driving license  which will allegedly make the management of the drivers database easier. The system also allocates and deducts points from drivers depending on their behaviour on the road. We have however found a few discrepancies and disadvantages on the this driving license compared to the older on.

Here is a list

It cost higher to renew

The new smart driving license cost far much higher to renew than the older booklet driving license. Renewing the Booklet driving license cost only Kes 650 per year which adds up to Kes 1,950. Now the new  smart driving license renewal cost Kes 3,050 every 3 years. This makes a difference of Kes 1,100 on the higher side when it comes the smart license.

It makes it harder to know an experienced Driver.

The older license made it easier to tell how much experience every driver got. The renewal sheets could easily tell how experienced the driver is and even the license itself as much as most of you will understand. The smart driving license however is hard to tell how experienced the driver is.


I am not against  the smart driving license but  as the wise say “knowledge is power” and you my people I really need you to stay updated.

You also have to note that when you move to the smart driving license the  older license ceases to valid, meaning even if you renew it the system will still read expired.

With this information am sure you will make the best decision.


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