Applications for a Kenyan passport i have to say has become pretty easy with time. However in some instance your Kenyan passport application might be rejected for a number of reasons. Some times your application might even take a long time to be processed. Here are some of the reasons why:

Filling the wrong information on the Kenyan Passport

When apply one might fill some of the information wrongly even by one letter e.g the name, birth entry number e.t.c. When this happens your passport takes a long time in the vetting or processing stage and might even be rejected in some instances.

Uploading the wrong Kenyan Passport documents.

When uploading the required documents for the Kenyan passport application one is very likely to upload the wrong documents and this might lead to a prolonged waiting/processing period or even the rejection of the Kenyan passport application,

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Uploading the Kenyan Passport Required Documents in the wrong format.

Kenyan passport application is quite strict when it comes to the rules of the format and the dimension of the uploaded documents. for example:

The Passport photo uploaded is required to have a white background with the dimensions of 2×2 mm. This Kind of passport requires that you go to a Photo studio to have taken and get a soft copy.

It is important to have your Kenyan passport applied by a professional so that you can avoid mistakes.

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